Referrals Passed: 6,398

Gross Dollars: $34,219,542.00

Visitors: 553



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BNI Pinnacle - 34

BNI Executive Marketing Team - 28

Circle of Excellence - 28

BNI Enterprise - 26

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Business Networking in Western New York
Why Business Network International? 

Membership has its benefits: 

Business Network International is the world's largest business referral organization. What does that mean for you and your business? By joining a BNI chapter, your business instantly is part of a community of other regional business people - you gain exposure, professional contacts, business referrals and the oppurtunity for increased revenues. 

The BNI Difference: 

BNI has over 5,000 chapters all over the world. Here's the effect they've had on business:     

  • Over 100,000 members in business referral chapters worldwide.    
  • Over 5.5 million individual business referrals have been passed between members.    
  • Over $2.4 billion in business generated by passing business referrals. 

How does it work? 

BNI chapters are effective centers for word-of-mouth marketing. Each chapter is composed of members from various different industries united by location and a desire to cultivate business. Because chapter membership is diverse, you are part of a group not as competitors, but as business owners making connections. As a member, you always "know a guy." 

The Meetings 

Weekly BNI meetings occur at 7am sharp, at the location your local chapter chooses. Why so early? Because the business world starts early - meeting times are chosen so just about any business can take part without taking time off from a busy work week. Plus, there's usually a nice breakfast. 

At each meeting, members get the opportunity to talk about their business, meet other business owners - financial advisors network with carpenters, advertising agencies connect with plumbers, and much more. There are no limits to whom you might meet, and who your next business referral will come from. 

The Perks: 

Joining a BNI chapter gets you many great benefits.     

  • Weekly contact with business professionals in your community.    
  • Opportunities to showcase your business to your local business community.    
  • Tap into a powerful business referral network full of diverse potential customers and their business networks.    
  • Business education classes, from leadership training to business referral cultivation and more.    
  • Access to numerous chapters throughout the Western New York area. Find a chapter.    
  • Can't find the right BNI chapter for your business? Start your own.